Pursue, Overtake & Recover All – Arise & Shine

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Create Date July 23, 2019
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July 23rd, 2019



  1. Ajibode Emmanuel Ayodeji says:

    I only was opportune to attend the MFM youth program they held this year, in which I’m not a member of the church. But I heard the song as Esther delivered it so well and inspiring. I won’t deceive you I waited till I get a new phone and download the song, in which I finally did. You are a rare gem full of inspiring praise and I love you and your songs. God’s your strength and He shall continue to minister to you positively. Amen

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. Kindly share , tweet and rebroadcast so others can be inspired. God bless you.

  2. Ajibode Emmanuel Ayodeji says:

    Great song. I come to hear the live performance at the MFM youth conference that was held this year around June or July. Though I’m not a member of the denomination I was only invited. Since then I feel the song in my bones and marrows and I become to love it the more I play it on my phone. More auction to function ma.

  3. balogun tobiloba Ezekiel says:

    I heard just abt a minute of this wonderful song on wazobia TV I was moved…in d middle of the night here I am downloading after trying all I could during the day…you will always be blessed when you give out God’s nature in the very best you can,not only in heaven but also here on earth….thanks ma

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. Kindly share, tweet and rebroadcast so others can be inspired. God bless you.

  4. Oral moses says:

    I love the song right from the moment i hard it so powerful

  5. Samuel says:

    The song is d best i have heard this year already trying to learn it…I hope to hear more from her…God enrich u the more

  6. Emmanuel bamidele says:

    This song is the best and this is to show that God is faithful to her by inspiring her to produce such a beautiful song

  7. Samuel Ajayi says:

    Each time I watched this song on wazobia TV, it gives me great joy and hope.

    I have been searching for the lyrics of go away stranger. Please, can you help me with it?
    God bless you ma

    • admin says:


      His promises shed light to my face
      Hidden agenda deceit
      Ya she ze ibana du ni ya
      I didn’t know the price was my soul

      Go away stranger go away 2x
      Go away stranger
      Carry your load
      In Jesus name
      Go away

      Blinded distracted
      I didn’t see the signs
      Giver of life save me
      A ban da ke
      A ban da de

      No more distraction
      No more poverty
      No more jagajaga
      No more 3x

  8. Fola'Korede says:

    When I first saw this song on Dove tv, I was so glued that I had to wait to see it to the end.it’s d first time I’m seeing gospel music this way. Wow! Raw WORD, godly outfit,powerful video, RAW GOSPEL for Jesus Christ. More grace n anointing ma.

  9. Leonard says:

    Great song sis

  10. Liveth says:

    How do i get the lyrics for pursue, overtake and recover all – arise and shine? Thanks

  11. Chukwuemeka Abali says:

    Good day. Please can I get the link for the MP3 of Pursue? I want to use it as my ringtone. Thanks

  12. AKINYEMI Michael says:

    I love your Song dear… Quite a civilise Gospel touching, if you wont mind me saying that.

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